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Swift Results



Sonic repellers, windmills, chewing gum, disinfectant, buried bottles, flooding, chemical repellents, exhaust fumes, moth balls, razor blades, cat litter, brambles, pepper, human hair, eucalyptus oil, caper spurge, bleach, urine, broken glass, creosote, coffee grounds, garlic, mint leaves, petrol, soap, banana peel, buried musical greeting cards, firelighters, pickle juice, daffodils............


The list is endless and it seems that everyone has a sure fire remedy for a mole problem. All of the above methods have a couple of things in common, they do not work and will waste your time and money. Any stories of success with these methods is likely to be entirely coincidental.


Luckily there is one solution that is guaranteed, a call to Wharfedale Mole Control.


My charges are per mole caught so that means no call out fee and you have nothing at all to pay if I fail to catch your moles.

Private Gardens
Environmentally Friendly and safe
Humane Trapping

I use no chemicals or gasses. The traps I use are usually underground and safe for you, your children and pets

I only use the most humane method of mole control, powerful spring traps which are target specific, checked daily and dispatch the mole swiftly.

In most cases on smaller areas of land where there is likely only a single mole it will be removed within 24 hours.

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